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Terrazzo floor:

Terrazzo floors has been around for thousands of years, in fact, it’s so durable archeologists have discovered floors that were laid during the heyday of ancient Rome and they’re still in great shape.

Terrazzo is made from post-consumer materials like stone and glass and combined with a durable binder for long-lasting beauty even u der regular heavy use.

Terrazzo counter tops:

Terrazzo counter tops offer durability and beauty and uses recycled glass witch gives you a broad range of styles and colours.

The very nature of Terrazzo is the idea of being green. Besides using concrete they still use recycled bits of marble and glass.

Almost anything can be formed with Terrazzo countertops, wall panels & sinks.

An array of colours and finishes are available. As with all surfaces, caring for your Terrazzo is important. It does not need shielding from wear but it needs shielding from spill absorption and stains.