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Project Management


Book Keeping of Project


Contracting appropriate Contractors


Co-ordinate time schedules for contractors

Costing & buying of materials & fittings

Ensuring building structure complies with Building Regulations

Our expanded building team brings years of knowledge and expertise to everything we do!

Here we offer the client the opportunity to be in charge of the input costs, both material and labour, needed for the construction

of his home. We schedule all phases of the project including:

The timeframes of all project phases

Tradesmen co-ordination

Purchasing quantities and intervals

Supply chain management

As project managers and builders, we oversee the whole project from beginning to end. The first step is for the client to set a budget. It is  our job to ensure that the building job is maintained  within that budget.

We only use qualified builders and contractors that will work in a good manner and deliver the best


This service would include: